Floating Equity Model for Founders

For founders confused as to what each person should be doing in a Startup v.s. how much equity each person should be getting, it may be better to agree on a Floating Equity Model.

  1. No % Split of the company is set in the beginning.
  2. Each person identifies the responsibility he can take care of, and set targets against them, which are mutually agreed.
  3. Based on the contribution impact to organization, a % is allocated to those targets (plus an upside incase the objectives are over achieved).
  4. Similar to vesting – those folks who meet their targets get their target % of equity, or even more depending on the agreed upside.
  5. People who do not meet their targets take a beating on their equity.
  6. I think inherently the model reinforces the necessity of each party to do more to get the company going forward.

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FIRA Robot World cup & Congress 2010 – Updated Flyer

Updated FIRA flyer with venue details. Good luck to competing teams, and happy travel-planning for delegates !

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Update: FIRA Robot World Cup, Bangalore 2010


The 15th FIRA Robot World Cup & Congress Bangalore 2010
15 – 19 September 2010
Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, Bangalore (website /map)

Dear All,

As we near towards the 15th FIRA Robot World Cup & Congress, Bangalore 2010, I wish to share a few updates from FIRA.FIRA Yuvi

  1. MIT Technology Review covers trends in Robotics Technology, and talks about FIRA 2010 Bangalore, and Robot Soccer in Detail. Read the article here
  2. EFY Magazine Supports FIRA 2010 – EFY Magazine, one of the most well-read technology magazines in India, has partnered with FIRA India to display full-page Robotics awareness and FIRA focussed Ads in their monthly publications – EFY Magazine, and EFY Bazar
  3. Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham Bengaluru Campus shall host the FIRA Robot World Cup and Congress. Amrita provides easy accessibility, peaceful and quiet atmosphere, and is an international level university that actively promotes science and technology.
  4. IEEE Bangalore Section is a Technical Co-Sponsor for FIRA 2010. IEEE is one of the most well-recognized global bodies that have redefined the standards in Engineering.

We hope to keep you posted from time to time on the developments leading up to the big event. For sponsorship, media partnership or enquiries, please write to secretariat@fira.in. You may also follow us on Facebook, or Twitter (@firaindia) to receive real-time updates on developments. Looking forward to your support and presence at FIRA 2010.

Yours Sincerely,


Dr. Prahlad Vadakkepat
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Testing Music Upload to Posterous

Download now or listen on posterous

Janesh.m4a (694 KB)

Testing what happens when you upload a music file to posterous to render on Twitter and wordpress. This incidentally was my first ever attempt at composing music using Garageband.

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15th FIRA Robot World Cup – Bangalore 2010 – Venue Confirmed

Venue is Amritha Vishwa Vidyapeetham – Bengaluru Campus. See you there !

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Blog Dormant till 2010

For many reasons… see you in a while…in mid-2010 🙂

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Einstein on Meaning of Life


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